Post-Frame Construction

The old “pole barn” has come a long way since its storage shed beginnings. Today we’re using post-frame technology to build homes, office buildings, airplane hangars, or just about any building imaginable. New engineering data confirms what many professional contractors have known for years—the post-frame is a viable construction method.

Personal attention and accurate on-time delivery are just two reasons that publications like Rural Builder and Frame Building News have recognized Holmes Lumber as being among the top suppliers of post-frame building materials in the Midwest.

Holmes Lumber is a member of the National Frame Builders Association. That means we follow the accepted standards and guidelines of the most respected group of post-frame building professionals in the business.

Try one of our packaged post-frame building plans or, better yet, let us custom design one for you, to your exact specifications. Ensuring the right materials get to the job site on schedule is the hallmark of Holmes Lumber's service. After all, who knows the materials better than the people who designed the building?

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Why Holmes Lumber is the Best Choice

  • Holmes Lumber maintains a large inventory of post-frame building materials, including items like 32’ posts. This way, there is no need for special order materials, which can hold up your construction schedule.
  • We cut our metal roofing and siding to the inch, eliminating waste and unsightly seams.
  • Heavy-duty delivery trucks, equipped with cranes and Manitou piggyback forklifts, enable us to distribute the building materials where you want them on the job site.
  • Holmes Lumber also provides professional drafting and design services and consultation.