Value Engineering at Holmes Lumber

Less Waste, More Efficiency

Advanced Engineering & Design

Our Holmes Lumber manufacturing team and facility are continually evolving and implementing best practices and the most advanced technology to help you build as efficiently as possible. Improving the value of your project does not mean cutting costs – we optimize all elements of the project scope by: 

  • Honing project plans using advanced design technology, resulting in more efficient and high-quality builds. 
  • Optimizing your designs and ensure all revisions and plan changes are accounted for.
  • Consistently advancing engineering and adding more value into plans, so we save our customers time and money. 
  • Eliminating potential stressors and barriers, which will help keep future maintenance costs of the project lower.

Our in-house design team specializes in creating the most optimal components for your project, including wall panels, engineered floor and roof systems, and floor and roof trusses. 

What does this mean for your business?

  1. Less labor needed 
  2. Faster builds
  3. Improved efficiency at our facility and job sites
  4. Reduced errors and waste
  5. Improved cycle times