Cutting-Edge Technology


In all of our manufacturing facilities, we’ve spent years and millions of dollars investing in our manufacturing equipment to provide our customers with the most technologically advanced component plants in the nation.

Our laser-guided truss tables, projection systems, and paperless real-time job tracking system is run by our team of highly skilled professionals who ensure the job, no matter the size, is done safely, on time, and on budget.

More Efficient with Less Waste

  • Shorter setup times
  • Higher production
  • Consistent quality
  • Reliable lead times

Helping Your Business

  • Reduced crew sizes
  • Increased profitability
  • Lowers construction costs
  • Decreases cycle time

Holmes Lumber Advanced Manufacturing


Our facilities are truly paperless, so every truss and panel that comes off our lines matches the exact specifications of your plans.

Computerized saws

These robotic systems pick stock lumber piece by piece and automatically feed it to our saws for precision cutting. Prior to cutting, all boards are even positioned to be crowned appropriately for their position on the truss.

Reduced labor and waste

Our trimming saws can make thousands of exacting cuts every hour without human interaction. They cut each and every board to the exact length and angle needed for fast and efficient assembly, all the while producing little to no waste product as a result of smart cutting algorithms.

Efficient component building

Our equipment automatically places jigging based on the dimensions in the design file, which saves considerable time over manual jigging and ensures even greater accuracy. Our tables also feature laser projection so our skilled builders can quickly see where each piece should be placed, including the plates.