Start Your Garage Project

Get your garage project started the easy way! We’ve done all the work and planning for you. 

Each garage package from Holmes Lumber includes all the materials necessary to help you get your garage built right, including detailed plans and instructions that are easy to follow.

All you need to do is decide which package you would like. Use the table below to see which features each of our plans offer and choose the best garage for your needs.

Once you’ve decided which package to build, we can also help you estimate the price for your garage project. Use our custom Garage Estimator to determine your needs and material pricing. A sales associate from your nearest Holmes Lumber location will work with you to plan your perfect garage!

  Basic Package Standard Package Premium Package
2x4 Treated Bottom Plate
2x4 Stud Walls - 16" O/C
Engineered Roof Trusses (24" O/C)
5/8 T1-11 w/Pine Trim  
5/8 T1-11 w/R.S. Cedar Trim    
Vinyl Siding over 7/16" OSB
7/16" OSB Sheathing    
1/2" OSB Sheathing  
15# Felt
25 - Year Shingles - Year Shingles Felt
Ridge Vent
Aluminum Drip Edge
Aluminum Soffit
1' Eave Overhang  
1' Eave and Gable Overhang    
Aluminum Gutters & Downspouts    
Doors & Windows
Non-Insulated Garage Door    
Insulated Garage Door  
Flush 3/0 Man Door    
6 Panel 3/0 Man Door    
2 Single-Hung Windows    
Two Story Features
2 Single-Hung Vinyl Windows    
4 Single-Hung Vinyl Windows    

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