Wooden shelters from Holmes Lumber are an easy way to provide you with the shelter you need for vehicle storage, picnic areas, and gathering spaces. Wooden shelters help keep your vehicle out of the seasonal elements or help your gatherings stay cool and dry when the weather doesn't cooperate. They're great additions to playgrounds, picnic areas, church grounds, and homes.

Spacious Construction

Our wooden pole shelters come in various sizes: 24' or 30' or 40' Wide. Standard features also include:

  • 24' or 30' wide
  • 8' wide bays
  • 8' or 10' height by any length
  • Steel, plywood, or vinyl siding (gables only)
  • Steel or shingle roofing
  • Clear span prefabricated trusses

Custom Wooden Pole Shelters

Build your own wooden pole shelter with our Pole Barn Pricing Tool right from your computer.